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I’m so excited for y’all to see the new! It’s just a hop, skip and a jump away… but if we’re being honest, it’s better for you because now you don’t have a pesky .wordpress in there!

You’ll see that things are basically the same, just elevated.

At the top, you still have the menu with the about section, mochas mark the spot and suggestions.

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The musings posts are new, so let me know what you think! The first thing I’m musing about is change… oh so fun.

I hope you follow along on this new journey because I have a lot of fun things coming up!

Additionally, if you’re looking into starting a blog, I really couldn’t have done it without reading the blog better. It’s absolutely incredible and so simple to use!


Coming Soon:

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I have some exciting news today! Tomorrow I’ll be launching the new and (much) improved It’s new. It’s fancy. It’s the next step towards something great. Along with the launch of the new site, I’m starting a new series, musings volume x. The idea behind this new series, in addition to coffee shop explorations is to add some depth. To create conversation. To make this more of a space where we can engage instead of just reading about different shops. So, if you ever have any suggestions on what we should muse about, let me know! I have some ideas, but this is about you just as much as it’s about me! So get ready. Because great things are coming.


The Coupe // Washington, D.C.

Name: The Coupe 

Location: 3415 11th street NW Washington, DC

Closest Metro Stop: Columbia Heights

The Coupe Entrance


Vibe: The vibe here is so awesome. If you’ve been to Tryst, then think of it as a lesser known, more low-key Tryst (since it’s owned by the same people!). It has the same feel but is more open and airier, making it a perfect summertime spot.

Wifi: Yep! They change it weekly, so I’m assuming there’s no wifi on the weekends… but don’t take my word for that.

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 7AM-midnight, Friday&Saturday 7AM-2:30AM


Coffee & Food: I got a hot mocha as I was assuming it would be just like Tryst and therefore super creamy and yummy goodness. However, I was thoroughly shocked that it was kind of subpar. It was by no means bad, just not as good as Tryst. But still on the scale of Ebenezers (terrible) to Big Bear Cafe (phenomenal), The Coupe definitely falls in the middle, but towards BBC. It was still creamy and fluffy and equal parts coffee to chocolate, but the main issue was that it came lukewarm, which is obviously not ideal. My friend, Sarah, who I went with got a soy latte and said hers was that same temperature. Perhaps something was going on that day, but it was definitely a bummer. As for the food, I started off getting a bagel and cream cheese which was awful because it was smothered in cream cheese and basically uneatable. Four hours later, we were still there and I got the mac & cheese. The people we were sitting with had all gotten it and the girl was so nice and let me have a bite of hers to make sure I wanted it. It was so delicious, but oh so heavy. You could probably split the $4 side of mac & cheese with four people and be supremely satisfied.

Music: It was a peculiar mix of music ranging from slow songs to upbeat and old classics to contemporary. The best way to describe it was lots of Lorde and Maroon 5. I was into it for the most part. The music is at the perfect volume where you can hear it but you can also talk without it getting in the way or read without the music being distracting. I added a few tracks that played at The Coupe to the Musings over Mochas Spotify playlist that you can check out here.

Pricing: It was $8 for the mocha and bagel, so pretty standard. I was pleasantly surprised that the mac & cheese was only $4. For the price of the mocha and bagel, I didn’t think the product was worth it.


Seating: There’s so much seating which is great! And what I especially like about it is that because there’s just a bunch of couches and chairs around, it really promotes friendship and socializing, even if you don’t know the people. Right as you walk in, you can choose to go to the left and sit and be waited on or you can continue on in front of you, order and then sit to the right and just lounge there (with lots of outlets around- such a plus). I like that there’s options (I’m all about options). Oh, and there’s a bar with the most beautiful marquee lights that I hope to have in my home one day.

Overall: Even though the food and coffee were just kind of eh, for me, I am obsessed with this place. They really nail a warm and friendly environment. From the moment you walk in, to the ambiance and even their staff, everything is just perfect. We ended up staying for about five hours and as we were leaving I found myself asking, “when can we go again?”

*Bonus: As you’re walking there, you’ll probably smell the most euphoric of smells: donuts. Sadly, it’s not donuts. Instead, it’s the most incredible bread I think I’ve ever tasted in my life. It turns out that it’s a production factory and the bread (a whole bag of sweet rolls- like 6 of them) was only $2! It’s called something like Latino Bakery and doesn’t really have a door. You kind of have to slink in and ask to buy the bread, but it is so worth it! If you want more detailed instructions on how to get this bread, just comment below!

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Goodbye DC, Hello Atlanta

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 5.19.38 PM


The time has finally come and my time in DC has come to an end. Major sadness over here, but I find comfort in knowing that while I’m in Atlanta for the next three (ish) months, I’ll be able to explore ATL through a whole new lens! There’s still one more post about DC coming up, and then after that, we’re onto bigger and better things!

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Peregrine Espresso // Washington, D.C.

Name: Peregrine Espresso

Location: 660 Pennsylvania Ave SE Washington DC 20003 (Eastern Market) (*they also have two other locations: one on 14th street and one in Union Market)

Closest Metro Stop: Right across the street from Eastern Market Metro Stop

OutsideVibe: It’s very open and bright. Simplicity is really key here and I dig it. You can tell they focus on simply good coffee and nothing else. It’s full of a variety of people from families to older people as well as young people working and reading and socializing. It’s inviting and happy.

Wifi: Yes, they have it.

Hours: *change per location, but for the Eastern Market location, Monday-Saturday 7AM-9PM, Sunday 8AM-8PM

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 2.31.40 PM

Coffee & Food: Disclaimer: For some reason, I really built this place up in my head. I thought it was going to be the best thing ever because I had heard such incredible things about it. But then I went and it just really missed the mark for me. Are you ready for quite possibly the weirdest comparison of coffee you’ve ever heard? I swear to god, to me, their coffee, the mocha specifically, tasted like tomato soup. Yep, I’m confused too. I have absolutely no idea why that was the first thing I thought of, but I just couldn’t help but taste tomato soup as I was attempting to drink the coffee. Obviously not ideal, but I’m also going out on a limb suggesting that this is incredibly specific to me. As for the food, I was also disappointed with what they had out in their case. Nothing but the molasses cookie looked appealing to me and that’s what I got. I’ve had better but it was fine. I wouldn’t get it again nor would I recommend it.

Music: It’s not really loud enough for you to pinpoint what song is playing. It’s nice to have some background though that’s soft enough where it’s easy to hold a conversation without shouting or think without having to block out distracting music.

Price: It was $5.75 for the mocha and cookie ($4.50 for mocha, $1.25 for cookie) which I found to be great. But, like I’ve said before, I would always rather pay more for extraordinary coffee and food than pay less for subpar.

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 2.49.20 PM

Seating: There’s some seating outside which is really, really great on a nice day… that’s where the majority of people sat. There’s also quite a bit of seating inside which I found to be comfortable. It wasn’t difficult to find and I was able to stay for a long time. There’s also plugs everywhere which greatly aids in my ability to stay for, like, ever.

Overall: I’m super bummed that my taste buds decided their coffee tasted like tomato soup because I really like the vibe of Peregrine Espresso. With three locations in DC, they’re obviously doing something right. Sadly, chances are slim I would come back but for the patio, it might be worth coming back and trying something else (I’ve heard their chocolate milk is pretty great). Have you been to Peregrine? I’m super intrigued to know your experience, so please share if you have been!

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Dean & Deluca // Washington, D.C.

Name: Dean & Deluca

Location: 3276 M St NW, Washington, DC‎

Closest Metro Stop: We’re in Georgetown, so there’s not a metro close by… but Foggy Bottom if you insist

    IMG_0077Vibe: Dean & Deluca is much more a market than a coffee shop, but they have quite an extensive seating area which makes it feel pretty cafe-y once you get outside. It feels very European and cool and there’s always a variety of people.

Wifi: I got the wifi password, but unfortunately it didn’t work for me. I’m not sure if that’s something specific to me and my computer or if it just wasn’t working.

Hours: Monday – Saturday: 8AM – 9PM, Sunday: 8AM – 8PM


Coffee & Food: I got an iced mocha and it was actually pretty good. I have been here so many times for food and have never thought get a coffee, but I finally surrendered. I get the feeling that every single time you order, it would taste differently. The barista and I were joking because her fellow employee was telling her she was using too much chocolate (which in this case was true… who knew something could have too much chocolate #foreignconcept). If the other girl had made it, it would have probably been completely different, but you can tell they use high quality ingredients, so at the roots, it will always be yummy. As for the food, I always come here for sandwiches or their ready-made food, specifically the salmon. Every time, I always leave a bit upset though because I spend more than I want to… but it’s so yummy that I somehow justify it. But they have tons and tons of foods and drinks that it’s worth a stop by. (They excel at lunch)

Music: It’s the type that blends into the background, so it’s pretty nondescript. Mainly just instrumental music that’s pretty relaxing.

Pricing: As I touched on above, this place is SO expensive. Think: $12 for a sandwich, $14 for a piece of salmon, and $5 for an iced mocha. But at the end of the day, a lot of the times it just seems like the best choice in Georgetown if your a) by yourself b) don’t want to sit down and be waited on.


Seating: There’s no seating inside, but there’s tons outside. There’s always a table available and it’s in this really cute enclosed garage that’s very charming. There’s fans for the summer and in the winter it’s heated, so no matter what time of the year it’s an ideal place to sit. Plus, for when it’s either too hot or cold to be outside, you get the best of both worlds because it feels like you’re outside even though you’re not technically.

Overall: I come to Dean & Deluca all the time because contrary to popular belief, there aren’t that many places to eat if your by yourself or want something quick. That’s why I really like Dean & Deluca- because you can get delicious food and drinks and sit outside on the adorable patio. It’s by no means super fantastic, but it gets the job done while I’m in Georgetown (which is often). And you know, I like to give you options. Options are where it’s at. I’m all about options. 

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Baked & Wired // Washington, D.C.

Name: Baked & Wired

Location: 1052 Thomas Jefferson St NW Washington DC 20007

Closest Metro Stop: B&W is in Georgetown, so there’s not a metro close by… but Foggy Bottom if you insist


Vibe: Baked & Wired is the ultimate Georgetown shop. Although it’s not as famous for their coffee as it is for their cupcakes, their coffee shouldn’t be missed! It’s filled with hipsters and families and has a cool vibe as soon as you walk by. On the weekends, it’s really fun because there’s a guy who sits outside and plays music and it really adds to the overall experience if you have to wait in line (note: usually the line is way longer for cupcakes but if you just want coffee, then there’s a separate line for that!). The history behind Baked & Wired is that it used to be some sort of tech store (hence the Wired) and then they added bakery part (hence the baked) and then they got Baked & Wired, and use that pun to its fullest extent. The tech store is no longer and is now the coffee shop portion, and let’s be honest, it’s way better that way.


Wifi: No. Let’s not talk about it. Major sadness about this. But I understand why they do this… because otherwise people would be camped out there all day. And people already spend too much time there without wifi.

Hours: Monday-Thursday 7AM-8PM, Friday 7AM-9PM, Saturday 8AM-9PM, Sunday 9AM-8PM (Sorry for the dyslexic people out there)


Coffee & Food: I’ve been to Baked & Wired maybe a bajillion times and counting because it’s just that good. The coffee is so fluffy and foamy and utterly incredible. The mocha is the perfect balance of coffee and chocolate and is pure bliss in every sip. As for the food, it’s also incredibly delicious. Starting with the food on the coffee shop side, I’ve had their oatmeal, some of the breads and of course, the biscuits. I regularly pop in for the goat cheese and jalapeño biscuit which might be what dreams are made of. As for the bakery part, OH MY GOD. If you have spent a decent amount of time in DC, you know that Baked & Wired is where it’s at. Like I know they joke about putting drugs in their cupcakes, but maybe they do, because I’m addicted. I haven’t even mentioned the whole other host of baked (lolz) goods they have… my favorite being the smores bar. Oh. My. God. Wow. CUPCAKESAnd now, I will proceed to list the cupcakes I’ve had in the order of their goodness (best to worst, obvs) 

  1. Strawberry
  2. Coconut
  3. Unicorns & Rainbows (known in store as the Uniporn)
  4. Oreo (it’s vegan… don’t worry, you can’t tell)
  5. Vanilla Satin
  6. Red Velvet
  7. The Tessita (hazelnut + caramel)
  8. Pretty Bitchin’ (peanut butter)

^that was just embarrassing. I do it for you, right? #twoyearsinthemaking

Music: Honestly, I have no idea. For the amount of times I’ve been there I should remember if they play classical or rock or indie or whatever, but it doesn’t stand out as being good or bad, so I have no idea.

Pricing: Does it even matter? It’s worth it. But if you insist, it’s $3.65 for a cupcake and around $4.50 for a mocha.

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 1.14.24 PM

Seating: If there’s one thing that’s lacking (other than wifi), it’s the seating. It’s fine, there’s a pretty decent amount: a bar by the cupcakes, and two rooms filled with chairs and places to sit, and if it’s nice, there’s outdoor seating in addition to seating along the canal. My issue is that I don’t like any of it. It’s not very comfortable and you always feel super close to the people around. But since they don’t have wifi, I’ll take my cupcake to go, no prob.

Overall:  Do I even need to go over how much I love Baked & Wired? I think I made that pretty clear. It’s fabulous and I would go there every day if I could… oh wait, I basically do that. And to show how much they love me, I’m throwing it back (writing on a Thursday, posting on a Friday, so #tbt counts, okay?) to when I was on their Instagram. (Also, 65 weeks ago, woah. The obsession is long lived)

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 1.30.43 PM

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Retrospect Coffee & Tea // Washington, D.C.

Name: Retrospect Coffee & Tea 

Location: 1020 19th Street, NW Washington, D.C. 20036

Closest Metro Stop: Farragut North Metro Station


Vibe: Since Retrospect is located pretty much in the heart of Farragut Square, a very business centered location, that’s exactly how it feels. It’s situated in the ground level retail space of a tall building, so the charm is missing big time. From the outside, I was hesitant to go in because even though this coffee hunt is about the coffee, it’s actually more about the entirety of the experience, so I was already dismayed walking in because of it’s strip-mall-y appearance. Once you get inside, it gets a little better. You can tell that they’ve done the best they could with trying to make it cute, but it just misses the mark for me.

Wifi: Yep! You have to ask for it, but they do have it.

Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30AM-5PM, Saturday & Sunday Closed

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 12.09.51 PM

Coffee & Food: So the reason I overcame my reservation to come in was because I had read online that they actually have really good coffee… that and I didn’t know where else I would go (I needed wifi for a work call in 20 minutes!). When I came inside, the older man working there was very leisurely, which is fine. Like, I’m cool with that. Take your time. Buuuttt, if you’re gonna take your time, my mocha better be superb. When he handed me the mocha and it looked like this I was low key upset, but obviously still tried it. For the first five minutes I was like, you know what, this is actually pretty good. It tasted like there was whipped cream infused into the drink so I got a lot of fluffiness with every sip (#heaven). But then, five minutes later, I realized that the coffee was never that hot to begin with so now it was lukewarm and undrinkable. Gross. But ultimately, it was okay because I realized that the mocha was reminiscent of old Christmas chocolates, which I’m really not into. As for the blueberry muffin, it was airy and delicious. It tasted like the majority of blueberry muffins I’ve eaten in my life, but it satisfied me.

Music: Michael Buble. Enough said.

Pricing: $7.70 for both, so pretty average. Did I feel like it was worth it? No.


Seating: There’s lots of seating inside, including tables and bar seating. There’s also some outside which is nice if you come on a pretty day. The view isn’t great, but the sunshine on your skin is priceless.

Overall: I think this place is best for if you work in the area and are just popping in for a simple tea or coffee. There’s really not much more to say. I wouldn’t come back, which is a shame because apparently this is the best place for coffee near Farragut Square. New life goal? Open an adorable coffee shop near Farragut/Dupont? I think yes. I’m telling you it would make millions.

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Turns out big bear cafe is even greater than I thought

This past weekend, I went back to Big Bear Cafe with a few friends. They wanted to try it since I had been raving about it nonstop.


I thought this place was great when I went, but I didn’t realize how incredible I thought it was until I constantly found myself recommending it to people. (You’re welcome for the increase of lost looking college students at BBC) So alas, I went back on a Saturday. And it was even better than before! This time, we started inside and then eventually moved outside since it was so nice.

So here are the main three updates:

1) The food. Damn. The food is SO good. I got the biscuit sandwich which was to die for. So fluffy and flavorful. Ugh, eating that while sitting in that secret garden and drinking an iced mocha in the company of friends… truly doesn’t get better than that!! My friends got the farro bowl (super spicy, super nomz) and the bagel breakfast sandwich (also delish)… naturally I tried both.

2) I got the iced mocha instead of the hot one. I told the barista that I think they have the best coffee in DC so I wasn’t sure if I should get the iced one, but he assured me it would be just as good. For the record, it wasn’t as good as the hot one… but it was still better than most of the other places I get iced mochas from.

3) We found out the hard way that there’s no wifi on the weekends. So prepare for that. And although we were sad about this because we had a lot of work to do, I totally understand why. The weekends are for spending time with friends and it was great to do that instead of do work (shocking, I know).

The short of it: Go to BBC because you’ll eat and drink the best in DC, you’ll soak up the sun in a secret garden where you can sit for hours (I got sunburned… whoops), and lastly, you’ll see super hot hipsters. And like, I’m really into that. To the man with the man bun, my friends and I would all like to marry you. Food at Big Bear Cafe

If you missed my last original post about the Big Bear Cafe, you can visit it here.

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