Turns out big bear cafe is even greater than I thought

This past weekend, I went back to Big Bear Cafe with a few friends. They wanted to try it since I had been raving about it nonstop.


I thought this place was great when I went, but I didn’t realize how incredible I thought it was until I constantly found myself recommending it to people. (You’re welcome for the increase of lost looking college students at BBC) So alas, I went back on a Saturday. And it was even better than before! This time, we started inside and then eventually moved outside since it was so nice.

So here are the main three updates:

1) The food. Damn. The food is SO good. I got the biscuit sandwich which was to die for. So fluffy and flavorful. Ugh, eating that while sitting in that secret garden and drinking an iced mocha in the company of friends… truly doesn’t get better than that!! My friends got the farro bowl (super spicy, super nomz) and the bagel breakfast sandwich (also delish)… naturally I tried both.

2) I got the iced mocha instead of the hot one. I told the barista that I think they have the best coffee in DC so I wasn’t sure if I should get the iced one, but he assured me it would be just as good. For the record, it wasn’t as good as the hot one… but it was still better than most of the other places I get iced mochas from.

3) We found out the hard way that there’s no wifi on the weekends. So prepare for that. And although we were sad about this because we had a lot of work to do, I totally understand why. The weekends are for spending time with friends and it was great to do that instead of do work (shocking, I know).

The short of it: Go to BBC because you’ll eat and drink the best in DC, you’ll soak up the sun in a secret garden where you can sit for hours (I got sunburned… whoops), and lastly, you’ll see super hot hipsters. And like, I’m really into that. To the man with the man bun, my friends and I would all like to marry you. Food at Big Bear Cafe

If you missed my last original post about the Big Bear Cafe, you can visit it here.

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