The Coupe // Washington, D.C.

Name: The Coupe 

Location: 3415 11th street NW Washington, DC

Closest Metro Stop: Columbia Heights

The Coupe Entrance


Vibe: The vibe here is so awesome. If you’ve been to Tryst, then think of it as a lesser known, more low-key Tryst (since it’s owned by the same people!). It has the same feel but is more open and airier, making it a perfect summertime spot.

Wifi: Yep! They change it weekly, so I’m assuming there’s no wifi on the weekends… but don’t take my word for that.

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 7AM-midnight, Friday&Saturday 7AM-2:30AM


Coffee & Food: I got a hot mocha as I was assuming it would be just like Tryst and therefore super creamy and yummy goodness. However, I was thoroughly shocked that it was kind of subpar. It was by no means bad, just not as good as Tryst. But still on the scale of Ebenezers (terrible) to Big Bear Cafe (phenomenal), The Coupe definitely falls in the middle, but towards BBC. It was still creamy and fluffy and equal parts coffee to chocolate, but the main issue was that it came lukewarm, which is obviously not ideal. My friend, Sarah, who I went with got a soy latte and said hers was that same temperature. Perhaps something was going on that day, but it was definitely a bummer. As for the food, I started off getting a bagel and cream cheese which was awful because it was smothered in cream cheese and basically uneatable. Four hours later, we were still there and I got the mac & cheese. The people we were sitting with had all gotten it and the girl was so nice and let me have a bite of hers to make sure I wanted it. It was so delicious, but oh so heavy. You could probably split the $4 side of mac & cheese with four people and be supremely satisfied.

Music: It was a peculiar mix of music ranging from slow songs to upbeat and old classics to contemporary. The best way to describe it was lots of Lorde and Maroon 5. I was into it for the most part. The music is at the perfect volume where you can hear it but you can also talk without it getting in the way or read without the music being distracting. I added a few tracks that played at The Coupe to the Musings over Mochas Spotify playlist that you can check out here.

Pricing: It was $8 for the mocha and bagel, so pretty standard. I was pleasantly surprised that the mac & cheese was only $4. For the price of the mocha and bagel, I didn’t think the product was worth it.


Seating: There’s so much seating which is great! And what I especially like about it is that because there’s just a bunch of couches and chairs around, it really promotes friendship and socializing, even if you don’t know the people. Right as you walk in, you can choose to go to the left and sit and be waited on or you can continue on in front of you, order and then sit to the right and just lounge there (with lots of outlets around- such a plus). I like that there’s options (I’m all about options). Oh, and there’s a bar with the most beautiful marquee lights that I hope to have in my home one day.

Overall: Even though the food and coffee were just kind of eh, for me, I am obsessed with this place. They really nail a warm and friendly environment. From the moment you walk in, to the ambiance and even their staff, everything is just perfect. We ended up staying for about five hours and as we were leaving I found myself asking, “when can we go again?”

*Bonus: As you’re walking there, you’ll probably smell the most euphoric of smells: donuts. Sadly, it’s not donuts. Instead, it’s the most incredible bread I think I’ve ever tasted in my life. It turns out that it’s a production factory and the bread (a whole bag of sweet rolls- like 6 of them) was only $2! It’s called something like Latino Bakery and doesn’t really have a door. You kind of have to slink in and ask to buy the bread, but it is so worth it! If you want more detailed instructions on how to get this bread, just comment below!

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